Chapter One

It was a hot day on Zazi while Ash and Foxy were practicing the force.

“It’s so hard…I can’t do it!” said Foxy.

“I know, but practice makes perfect.” said Ash.

Foxy sighed.

Then Foxy tried to lift five rocks, but only lifted two.

Foxy…try to clear your mind, okay?


Foxy dropped the rocks then tried again…now picking up SIX rocks.

I did it!

Great job!” said Ash.

Foxy replied, “Can we tell mom and dad?


Fox and Ash ran to their house. When they got there, Foxy told his dad.


What?” Foxy’s dad replied.

I lifted SIX ROCKS!

No way! That’s awesome!

Where’s mom?“, Foxy asked.

Shopping at the market.

Then the door opened.

Hi mom!

Foxy…keep your voice down.

Oops. Sorry mom,” Foxy said.

His mom asked, “What are you so excited about?

I lifted SIX ROCKS!

Good for you! Can you help me with the groceries?


When Foxy and his mom were done putting the groceries away, she asked, “Why don’t you go out side to practice your lightsaber training?

Okay,” said Ash.

So Foxy and Ash ran to a spot that was half a kilometer away from their house. But before they got there, they heard some blaster fire and a scream…Tatooine


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