Chapter Two

TatooineAsh and Foxy ran towards the scream.  When they got closer, they dropped to the ground and snuck up a grassy hill.  When they peeked up over the edge, they saw three clone troopers standing over their parents’ bodies, which were laying face down on the ground.
Foxy started to bawl but Ash reached out to him and said, “It’s going to be okay.”  He put his hand on Foxy’s shoulder and said “Stay here!
Ash grabbed his light saber and crawled over the hill towards their home.  When he got behind the house, there was a clone trooper standing guard.  Ash quietly snuck up behind and took him out.  
He grabbed the blaster then spun around, but there was no one there.   He then felt someone behind him…poking him in the back. 
He heard a voice that said, “STAND DOWN you JEDI SCUM! Drop your weapon!!
Ash let the blaster and his lightsaber fall on the ground by his feet. Out of nowhere they heard a blaster go off. From around the corner of the house another clone trooper dropped to the ground…dead.  
What the…?” shouted the trooper. 
Ash took advantage of the trooper’s surprise and stepped back hard, stomping on the trooper’s foot.  
AHHHHHH!” the trooper screamed and stumbled off balance.  Ash gave him a big shove, sending him crashing to the ground.  Ash then spun around and grabbed the blaster off the ground where he dropped it.  He pointed it at the trooper and said,
This is for my parents.”  
The blaster fired and the trooper dropped.

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